Friday, October 23, 2009

Barbeque 26/09/09

Well, it was just a normal barbeque gathering. Kind of celebration to welcome the coming back of the Poker King, JOHN TAN. lol. Not a special one, but a nice one. great night we had and ended up at jamal at 2a.m and got home at about 4a.m. um let the pictures do the saying la alright I have lost my blogging skills.haha

the two hot chicks. as if they are.haha

I wonder why must girls do this. they like to go to toilet together, hold hands, kiss each other and more than you can name it. this trend has never change since primary til now. LOL

they said its Lee Hom and jay. well i know I am not. LOL

he finally changed his pant haha

MADELINE!!! haha

ANAS!!! my best siu bakk brother. we both like siu bakkk a lot too bad he couldn't eat.haha
hey bro this picture is like symbolising 1Malaysia! haha don't get wrong bro I am not racist you know I am trying to say you are the best malay friend I have cuz we love SIU BAKKK hahaha.

Group picture

will update soon. good nights people

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, as I promised I'll be back. New theme for myself, for my blog - YESTERDAY.
If I were given a question, yesterday today and tomorrow which one do I prefer? The answer will defintely be yesterday. Yesterday simply means those memories that I had, neither its good nor bad, it's memories afterall. However, memories remain memories, it's just a simbol of those journey that we went through. But remember, they are all your history and one day when you recall back, you will say "oh yes, YESTERDAY"...

Yesterday, I visited to one of my 'YESTERDAYsss'. You know it's just so nice to back to yesterday ; the things that I had before, life that I experienced before, everything...
With a group of friends, and about an hour of journey, I brought them down all the way to my HOMETOWN - JAWI...

I am not a city boy, or i rather called myself a "kampung kia". I stayed in JAWI until the age of eight then only I moved to Penang. But you will never know it's just so amazing to stay in a rural area. Or instead, let me do a brief introduction of JAWI ; it's still an under-developed area, you can hardly find tall buildings in this area, people are not so well-educated, entertainment is really few but they love nature where they are still playing gasing, kites, etc, and the most important thing is people there are so friendly!

After an hour of journey, we reached JAWI...

You know the feeling of going back to hometown is just so amazing. I stepped onto JAWI again after years as I am staying in Penang for eleven years already [but I still going back once in a year le for cny] ...

" This is my former house, the place where I had my childhood memories. And now when I looked back only I realised I have leave JAWI for eleven years, that's so unbelievable! Cause whenever I stepped onto this land, I will recall of all my childhood buddies and memories. And I always have the feeling that I have never leave JAWI. That's really fantastic! This is the place where I born, I played kites, I played gasing, I caught fishes [see the river beside my house] , I climbed up to the rambutan tree, you name it! That's really really fantastic! I am so glad that I had so much fun here compared to the children nowadays who have only computer games as their childhood memories. See the woman in the picture? We are renting the house to her, and she is so nice and friendly I tell you. When she saw me, she asked me to go into my house and talked to me and bla bla bla. Argh! I am just in love with you, my land!"

" I brought them into my house, pictures above is the interior view of my house. I am sure some of you might thinking " wth, what cheap place is this? " People, I can answer you proudly " yea no doubt it's a cheap place when you looked at it but you will realise it's priceless when you spent you time in this place. Really priceless; that's called memories of yesterday"



We continued our journey, walking along to a main road but you can still see some old old houses beside the road. I believe that each and every of them has their own history, just like me...

Then, we reached this place which actually it was our main intention of visiting JAWI - JAWI laksa. Do you readers know that how famous the JAWI laksa is? I still remember when I was small, tourists from other states and some even from other countries will purposely boooked a bus to JAWI just to eat the laksa over there. Imazing how cool is that? Come on, follow me...
check it out....

Look, how nice is that? The biggest difference between JAWI laksa and Penang laksa is they served the laksa with prawn crackers and that's the most tasty part. And I tell you the laksa soup is superb nice especially when you eat with the prawn crackers. OMG, I swear to god that's the best ever laksa that I have tried. Superb superb nice! I had two bowls, same goes to Daniel and almost everyone. Not only that, we somemore packed a lot back to Penang. haha

" I still remember I used to ask my sis to buy the laksa for me when I was small as my mum won't allowed me to cross over the road and buy. I have been addicted to the laksa since small, and now I went back and try again after 11 years , the taste is still there, one thing stands out - Quality Control! lol But seriously people, that's superb superb superb nice! trust me...."

This is one of the temple that I used to go when I was small.

" This mini market has exist more than 30 years. I still remember when I was small, I used to keep my angpao money and went to this mini market to buy ice cream and sweets. "

"While taking journey back to my former house, we saw this dog. I think he/she is cute. Frankly, I am not a dog lover. Just taking down these few pictures, as what I mentioned on top, one day when I read this post again, this will be one of my 'yesterdays' . I think it will be meaningful to have lots of yesterday."

journey continuing...

This is also one of the streets in JAWI. As we can see, this street is developing, those people have begin to start some small business in front of their house like selling fruits, kuih-muih and foods. However, the look of this street remains. That's the best part of JAWI, after eleven years everything in JAWI remains the same.

This is another temple in JAWI.
and this one!!!

" I think this is the longest business that existed in JAWI. It's a very old'fashioned hair saloon, but yet, it has its unique history. I still remember my mum used to bring me to this hair saloon when I was small, and I wonder why I love to be in this hair saloon, everytime when I go to this place I will stay in there until my mum needs to buy sweets to convince me to go home.haha"

This is an indian shop which selling flowers in the market.

continue with the last part of journey in JAWI...

We walked to another street. This is a more to kampung style street and I have a lot of memories here...
and this is a very unique street.
let me bring you to see the uniqueness of this street

Looked at the picture? What have you notice? If you're observant enough, you will notice something. Looked at the house, do you know that the house is not supported by any pillars? Yes, It's true! It's only supported by the two houses beside it and imaging how intelligent the people in the older times is?They managed to built such a house and it's so stable until today. What can I say ; unique.

"I still remember when I was small, I uses to cycle like the kid in the picture. It remains me of me when Dan captured this picture. That's the freedom that we have staying in a rural area; can a kid in a city do that? Have you often see a kid cycling around? That's why I always say my childhood memories is just so amazing! "

Lastly, ...

" This is my kindergarden!!! OMG I just cant believe that it's still there. And that is the place where I had so much memories when I was six. "

With the right poeple at the right place.

This is called life.